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The Conservator

Hello, and thank you for taking the first step in preserving your artwork for many years to come by choosing high quality framing, in conjunction with conservation treatment.

My name is Betsy and I have lived in the valley since 1992. I have operated a private conservation and painting studio in my home for over 6 years, located in the Amherst Shutesbury area. I am a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a BA degree in Restoration and Conservation of artworks, a special major combining chemistry, art history, and studio art. I also hold a Masters Degree in Traditional Easel Painting Conservation from Northumbria University in England.

My conservation studio is well outfitted with secure painting storage, a 6×4 foot heated suction table, microscopy and other in depth viewing and examination devices, and is continuously environmentally controlled. All materials and products utilised for treatments are formulated specifically for use in the restoration of artworks. Treatments chosen are those currently in use, and have been tested and approved by conservators and the conservation associations of American Institute for Conservation (AIC), International Institute for Conservation (IIC), and New England Conservation Association (NECA), Western Association of Art Conservators (WAAC) all of which I am a member.

You should know all treatments I apply also meet requirements laid out in the Ethics Codes of the AIC and IIC regarding safety and protection of artworks in my care, sensitivity to the historical context, materials and subject matter, reversibility of materials and treatments applied, and in never altering that of the original character, intent, or image rendered by the artist.